Amanda & Tomi – short film – director, writer, producer

– Film was completed and realeased 14.4.2015. You can see it here.

Amanda ja Tomi lyhytelokuva

– Film was shot at the end of 2014 and is currently under editing process. (19.1.2015)

– I’m writing, directing and also producing a short film about the fear a child faces when going to heart surgery.

This short film is for those small children facing this situtation, their parents, siblings, relatives and friends.

Every year there are 500 children who are born with heart disease. About 1% children that are born every year have a the most common structural heart disease.

There are 300 heart surgeries done for children every year, most of these to children before their first birthday. Almost all heart diseases can be treated now.


This is a very personal project for me. My little sister was born with heart disease. She had to undergo many surgeries too, but most of these at the time when I was too little to understand what was going on. Although she was in quite healthy and her heart didn’t seem to be the biggest problem, on July 2nd 1997 she passed on as her heart could not go on anymore. This was a bit over two months before her 20th birthday. Rest in peace, I will never forget you. I also have many friends who have born with heart disease. I grew up with many of them. Thanks for our good health system most of them are still here. One even got new heart and a new lungs few years back. It’s not easy to live with any sickness but most of the people who have born with a serious illness like hear disease have a certain way of looking at life. For me, their faces say: ”Let’s enjoy all the days we have. Who knows how many we have left.” It is their fighting spirit we could all learn something from.

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